RADIO GOLD, XZY Closure: Kwasi Kyei Applauds NCA

The National Communications Authority (NCA) have been commended for being bold to close down some media houses including Radio Gold and Radio XYZ  after several years of failing to pay their license.


Radio Gold and Radio XYZ were amongst the media houses recently shut down by NCA for breaching licensure regulations. A move that has sparked several controversies in the country with some scores of the opposition National Democratic Congress describing it as politically motivated and a slap in the face of media freedom.

Last Tuesday a group of people known as Free Media Vanguard hit the streets of Accra in protest against the move and presented a petition to the NCA to as a matter of urgency reopen the said radio stations in the country.

They alleged the move amounts to suppression of the media by the ruling government to ensure that media houses aligned to the main opposition party are brought under control as the 2020 elections draw closer.

Leader of the group while presenting the petition said; “we are worried about the suppression of media freedom in this country. We are worried about the stories of the Ahmed Suales, the Manasseh Azures, the Anases and the Edward Adetis. This is a country that once upon a time was celebrated across the length and breadth of the world as far as media freedom is concerned. But now we are counted among the worst countries in this regard”. 

However, the Ashanti Region Director of Communications for the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Mr. Kwasi Kyei opines that the closure of the media houses is appropriate and in line with the rule of law. Therefore it is wrong for anybody to accuse the NCA of being politically bias since the said radio stations are affiliated to the opposition NDC.

Speaking exclusively to TTV NEWS in his office, Mr. Kwasi Kyei said there is no way the country will stand aloof and watch media houses hide behind media freedom and breach the rule of law.

“We are not going to accept that, no way. I believe they are doing their work so let me take this opportunity and commend the NCA for applying the law”.

He urged all media houses to follow due process and operate legally. “If we want to ensure the rule of law, then people must not connive with the affected stations against the NCA. If you are Radio Gold or Radio XYZ and it is shut down so what, why don’t you do a genuine business?”, he quizzed. In this country, he continued, “we want people to do legitimate business so get the right papers and do your business”.|George Addo

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