On That Bloody Monday…Their bodies left us, but their memories still linger on.

Their bodies left us, but their memories still linger on.

The secluded which have been forced upon us by the Transitional military council continues. We are not connected with the rest of the world.

Our hearts filled with pain and sadness in light of the shocking and heinous crime which took place during the 29th of Ramadan.

They blocked our access to the web, but we never stopped thinking about the sinless and barbaric acts that Sudanese men and women went through after they went out protesting against the bloody crime during that black Monday.

Inside the sit-in Khartoum and different other areas across the country, when WE have seen with our very own eyes, and through Neutral news outlets, men and women getting beaten, young and old. I saw them attacking people in the streets. One of my friends was beaten and had to go to the hospital. I couldn’t reach her, everything was so chaotic! Medics in the field and inside hospitals were also targeted.

Following the bloody Monday, the Transitional Military Council unleashed the unprofessional so-called national Sudanese Network and started a propaganda campaign to demonize the young men and women who choose to be at the sit-in area until a civil run government is announced.

With tragic music running in the background, they used the private photos of young teenage girls who were wearing pants and not covering their hair, exercising their freedom without their prior approval, and incorporated these private photos into a despicable video. They used that as a propaganda tool aimed at influencing the public opinion against the protesters.

They blocked access to the internet through 3G, 4G networks, and ADSL, with the intention of hiding their crimes, which took place during the 29th of Ramadan, and to shift the blame of the crime away from the TMC and to force the Sudanese people to forget what happened during the early hours of that bloody Monday.

However, the Sudanese people are fully aware that no one else but the TMC is responsible for the premeditated and orchestrated attack against the unarmed and helpless civilians which, Ironically, took place under the watch of the Army which has supposedly sided with the very same people that were killed under its watch.


Source:yala-press.com|M.H, Sudan



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