“Hold Us To High Standards’’-President Akufo-Addo

The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has charged the Ghanaian media to hold his government to high standards it has set for itself.

This, he noted is the only way both the elected and government appointees could stretch themselves into accomplishing all that they have promised the Ghanaian people.

Addressing a cross section of the media in Ashanti after completing a four day duty tour of the region, the President asked the media to always draw comparisons of the performance of governments with others elsewhere.

He stressed such comparisons will spur his government as well as others that may come after him to work assiduously to attain their set targets.

‘’I urge you the media never to relent in calling us to high standards that exists here in Africa or elsewhere since that comparison will bring the best in us to fulfilling the promises and tasks we have set for ourselves as government’’, the President posited passionately.


The President lauded the media for its gate keeping role and urged that they continue to mirror to the government the ills in society and also proffer workable solutions to addressing them.

Ideas, the President noted has been the thing that has driven performance and transformation in the world, adding the media should never stop to share ideas in helping government to work to optimum levels.

The President noted that the adage that says, ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ has never lost its power, adding ‘all that we see in the world has been accomplished by ideas men and women wrote down to ensure such transformations occur across the globe’.

He, therefore, commended the Ashanti media for giving adequate coverage of his tour, adding that by their coverage the people of Ghana will get to know the things the government is doing and lend their support to policies being implemented.

‘’You possess the most potent weapon in history and with the technology that abounds you can use your ideas as well as stories to effect the change we want to see as you put government on its toes to fulfilling its promises to the people’’, the President stated.


Answering a question one journalist asked about a supposed media fund that was created by the Mills/Mahama government, the President sounded bemused and wondered if anything like that existed.

He, however, promised to consult and see how he could assist the media get some training to upgrade their skills.

The President advised the media to tell their stories as they see it and rise above the temptation of coloring their opinions to suit politicians.

The President through the Regional Minister promised to roof the Kumasi Press center that lies in ruins and make it habitable for the media very soon.

Speaking on behalf of the Ashanti Media, Nicholas Osei-Wusu, GBC-TV correspondent for Ashanti commended the President for sharing his thoughts and hearts with the media despite his heavy schedule and tiredness.

He pledged on behalf of the Ashanti Media to work professionally as the ethics and training of journalism dictates.

Source:Michael Ofosu-Afriyie|Ghanaian Observer Newspaper|Ghana

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