Education Minister Urges Olag To Prioritize Science Education

Deputy Minister for Education, Hon Dr. Osei Yaw Adutwum, has said Our Lady of Grace Senior High School (OLAG) – Mamponteng could be the hub of Science education in the country and has since urged authorities of the school to take advantage of the enormous infrastructural facilities at their disposal to increase the number of intake for Science students.  


In the estimation of the Minister, the 26% of the total students studying the Science course in the school is woefully inadequate compared to the infrastructural capacities available. He added in this contemporary era where technology is at its peak, the country cannot afford to spend disproportionate amount of its resources on Arts at the detriment of Science.

“Let me take advantage of this opportunity to appeal to the leadership of the school to make sure they increase the number of students who are doing science. So many schools do not have the facilities that you have here”.

This he says is to help produce enough Scientists, Engineers, Medical Practitioners, and the kind of technological expertise the country needs to join the rest of the world in its new direction. “If you 50% of your admissions Science students, then you are churning out the many Engineers and Scientists that this nation needs so badly. Science, Mathematics and Technology are the order of the day, that is where the world is heading towards”.    

He says the provision of a free and holistic education which is at the topmost priority of President Akufo Addo cannot be achieved without quality and enough facilities but thankfully, the rarely enormous resources at the Our Lady of Grace Senior High School he believes will go a long way to facilitate the quality education being pursued and therefore the need to tap the relevance of the resources to the advantage of the entire nation.

“We believe education must be holistic but you cannot holistically educate children when the infrastructure is not nice and many schools do not have the laboratories here.”

Hon Dr Osei Yaw Adutwum who is the Member of Parliament for Bosomtwe Constituency was speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the installation of the Development Chief of Mamponteng at OLAG over the weekend when he made this passionate appeal.

He believes it is high time the nation shifted focus from Arts education to a more scientific education to enable the country churn out the right human resource capital urgently needed to join the other part of the world in its new path of technology.

We cannot afford to put all our resources into Arts Education. Science, Mathematics and Technology Education are the order of the day and it is my hope that the next time I return here I will see many more students pursuing science course here”, he urged.|George Addo

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