Don’t Use Insults As Campaign Tool – Samuel Sarpong

A former Regional Minister for Ashanti, Dr Samuel Sarpong has admonished persons seeking for political office in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to desist from using insulting language on their fellow contestants.

The NDC, he noted is not known for that kind of politics but rather the pitching of ideas amongst themselves.

Speaking to this reporter from the United States of America, Dr Sarpong urged all aspirants especially those seeking to occupy positions in the Ashanti Region to do so with refined speech and language.

He stressed the need for aspirants to be courteous to another since after the elections they will still have to work together for the common interest of the NDC.

‘’As a party elder I want to use this medium to advise my party members especially those seeking to occupy positions as regional executives in Ashanti that they deploy refined language in their campaigns so that even after the polls they can still work together as one people’’, Dr Sarpong noted.


Dr Sarpong denied having favorites among persons who are seeking for positions in the Ashanti Regional Branch especially in the Chairmanship race where it’s a straight fight between Augustus Nana Akwasi and Joseph Yammin.

Despite being an eligible voter in the upcoming polls, the former State Housing Company (SHCL) Manager insisted to keeping his cards close to the chest.

According to him, the desire that drives him is to see credible persons elected at the end of the contest.

This, he noted will be crucial since the NDC will be going into the 2020 elections as an opposition party who has to show credibility in every aspect to the Ghanaian people.

‘’I see myself as a referee now and my desire is to see credible and competent persons selected to lead the NDC in the Ashanti Region’’, the former Regional Minister posited.


Speaking about his future role in Politics, Dr Sarpong said he is not decided on that but will remain an elder of the party in the Ashanti Region.

This, he noted will afford him the opportunity to advice regional, constituency as well as branch office holders when they need ideas or suggestions in charting a path.

He asked party members to feel free to consult him anytime they feel his contribution is needed so the NDC can build a solid front in the Ashanti Region.

‘’I consider myself as a elder in the NDC and a Statesman in the country and will therefore gladly offer advice to anyone who may seek same from me so that together we can build a solid NDC and a prosperous country’’, Dr Sarpong passionately stressed.

Source:Michael Ofosu-Afriyie|Ghanaian Observer Newspaper|Ghana

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