Tamale Hospital : Anaesthetist Withdraw Services

The deputy chief of the Certified Registered Anaesthetists, Mr Wumbei Mbuer Jacob has said that the withdrawal of services by the CRAs is not politically affiliated as they only seek for Justice and discipline in their working environment.

The Certified Registered Anaesthetist (CRAs) at the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH) on Thursday, 16th August released an official statement announcing the withdrawal of anaesthesia services in the hospital, following the radical removal of Dr. Akobla, CEO of the institution.

In an exclusive interview with Taabea Television, Deputy chief certified registered Anaesthetist, Mr Wumbei Mbuer Jacob explains that, “a group of people” intruded the hospital premises on Monday and headed to the office of the CEO and expelled him with accusations of “incompetence”. “He was sacked from the office and they took the keys away”.

Mr. Jacob explains that the saga that took place on Monday has created a lot of tension and unhealthy working environment making staff members “insecure to work”. He added that some of the medical professionals already have their services withdrawn as a result.

The deputy chief of CRAs hinted that, it is not the first time a public officer has been treated unfairly in the history of the hospital. He disclosed that, the previous CEO was terminated in the same way. “A group of people just bashed into the office, commanded him to leave and if you refuse, they will beat you up and manhandle you” Dr Wumbei stated.

Mr. Wumbei Jacob reiterated that, “Monday’s issue has been repeating itself over the years and authorities have not been able to bring the “penetrators” to book. We have studied the environment hoping that by now the authorities will intervene to curb the situation but it’s the fourth day and we’re yet to see any way forward”.

“It has been a recurring issue at the hospital. This is about the fifth episode and that must stop. A hospital environment is not a place where things like this should happen. The authorities should work and restore normalcy at the hospital. he added”.

Dr Jacob however, noted that the withdrawal of services by the CRA is not politically affiliated as they only seek for Justice and discipline in their working environment. “Normal procedure must be followed. We are a professional body and we are always there to work irrespective of the government of the day, we serve every government.”

He emphasised that, the well-being of the staff members also matters as much as they render services to the general public and that “Since services are withdrawn, patients will have to seek medical attention from other facilities”.

Source:www.taabeatv.com|Benedicta Bronya

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