Taabea Television is a private owned, commercial Twi/English mixed- medium station located at Atonsu Bokro in Kumasi targeted at informing viewers. The station which started operation on the 19th January, 2015 aims at contributing to national development through quality programming. This has been achieved by educating, informing and entertaining the general public. The television is identified with its modern viewers by way of target-oriented programs. The television is identified with its modern viewers by way of a target – oriented movies, news, sports and entertainment.Over the years, we have studied with keen interest, the rather slow development of creative content, design and proper application of talent in the nation’s audio-visual broadcasting industry.

Our transmission reaches almost half the African Continent including Cape Verde, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Nigeria and Togo.Appreciating the fact that the present technological state of the world equips broadcasting institutions like us to champion and accelerate development in all spheres of human endeavor, Taabea Television have designed educative programs with a creative entertainment twist

Dr Christian Kwasi Agyeman (CEO)